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Celeste Glavé, MA


Ms. Glavé began her journey into the mental health world by earning her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Childhood Studies at Christopher Newport University in 2013. This passion led to her then pursue her Master’s in Professional Counseling degree at Liberty University which she completed in May of 2021.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree, Ms. Glavé worked with children struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder where she utilized Applied Behavior Analysis to treat these clients. She additionally spent time in Tanzania, Africa with children providing mentorship and teaching music for a couple weeks during her undergraduate program.

While earning her Master’s degree, Ms. Glavé spent 3 years working as an intensive in-home counselor providing individual, parent, and family therapy to children and families in need. Ms. Glavé worked closely with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, personality disorders, ADHD, ODD, anger management issues, low self-esteem, and more.


Ms. Glavé’s approach is person-centered and strengths based, always prioritizing the client’s needs and goals. She commonly utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy techniques, mindfulness techniques, art and creative techniques, and play in her treatment. Her goal is to provide a safe and comfortable space for each client to build resiliency, improve self-image and identity, identify strengths, and ultimately build motivation to overcome barriers.

“Whether you’re a researcher unlocking the cure for cancer or a guy sweeping the street, you have known hope and fear, affection and loss, wanting and disappointment. You have looked out at the world and tried to make sense of it, you have coped with the unique set of problems you were born into, you have endured pain. Over the years you’ve tried many strategies to help you feel better in the face of pain. Some of your strategies have worked, some haven’t. But it doesn’t matter. You are just trying to live. And in spite of all that is hard in life, you are still trying. This is your worth, your humanness.” – McKay and Fanning

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