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According to the National Academy of Mental Illness (2015), 20 percent of individuals 13 years of age and older experience clinically significant mental health symptoms. Of the 20 percent with mental health symptoms, 60 percent of individuals with mental health symptoms do not receive treatment (


Dougan & Walden Wellness, PLLC (DWW) provides psychotherapy and psychological assessment services to people in the greater Richmond area to ensure evidenced based mental health alternatives to medication management. Dougan and Walden Wellness psychologists, therapists, and clinical staff members service children, adolescents, and adults with psychological, substance use, co-occurring, and complex mental health issues. Dougan and Walden Wellness psychologist and therapist offer therapy dynamic treatment alternatives to medication to individuals at our Midlothian office location. 

Dougan and Walden Wellness psychologist and therapists believes that individual strengths come from within. Through therapy and assessment modalities, we assist individuals in exploring, adapting, and using innate qualities to meet goals and reduce symptomology. Because of our diverse training backgrounds, strong clinical experience, and wellness centered approach, Dougan and Walden Wellness provide individuals a unique opportunity develop self-efficacy through the psychotherapeutic process. 

Together Dougan and Walden have over two decade of applied psychotherapy and assessment experience. Compared to traditional psychotherapy models that focus on symptoms or abnormal behaviors, Dougan and Walden believe growth develops from individual strengths along the journey of life. Our dynamic perspective offers individuals an opportunity to succeed based on internal strengths; thus developing self-efficacy. 


If one of our psychologists or therapist can help, please contact Dougan and Walden Wellness, PLLC today.

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